Five Card Draw Poker Bluffing

By | August 19, 2019

Bluffing in five card draw poker means to mislead other poker opponents to perceive your hand as being different than it is.

There are several options of bluffing in five cards draw poker, and these options are also true to some other online poker games.

Classic Bluffing – According to one bluffing strategy, you start off with playing a tight game, thus causing other players to think you are playing only with fine hands. At the right time, when the player is near the dealer position, and there are a few bets behind him, he puts in a raise.

Bluffing causes players to fold – The bluff raise usually causes most players in the poker game to fold. Players, that called the bet, are met by an additional raise. In the case they still remain in the five card draw game, the stakes are raised by the player to the maximum. When it is time to swap cards, the bluffing poker player should avoid swapping any cards, to make the other players think he has a great hand that doesn’t need improvement.

Five cards draw poker players, competing against the bluffing player, are certain, during the final raise, that this “tight” player has at least a full house, if not better. In fact, this bluff can work, no matter what kind of cards the bluffing player has, including a pair of 4’s, or other lower ranked hands. In the previous example of bluffing, the buffer had a bad hand and acted as if he had a great hand. Betting large sums caused players to perceive the player as holding a greater hand than he actually did. This kind of bluff works best for high limit five card draw poker games.

Bluffing with a Good Hand Another bluffing method works by using the opposite bluff. Here players act as though they have a worse hand than they actually have. This way the pot increases gradually, with players refraining from folding. Here you can sweep larger stakes in the final showdown because it will include more people’s bets. This bluffing method works best with low stake five card draw poker games.

Bluffing may not be a part of Five card draw poker rules, but they are still a vital and important part of the game and should be not only feared by players but also used and implemented.

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